Cosmic Sing-a-long

“Every note is an unfinished song. We’re all in a cosmic sing-a-long.” -Cryptacize

Summer is here and still approaching. Summer never seems to arrive. It seems to be almost here, and then it’s gone. Is the illusion created in our minds? I’m not sure.

Alas, summer is what we call June and July, and many people are going to visit their homes, other countries, or other places of interest, myself included. Many are leaving for good, having finished their term of English-teaching. I was at church this afternoon, and after the service, candles were blown on a cake, numerous hugs were given, and uncountable I’ll-miss-you’s were said. They lingered in the embraces, their hands on the other’s elbows, eye-to-eye, afraid to relinquish the grasp that may be their last.

Are we so afraid to say goodbyes? The world is so much smaller than we think. My father met the husband of a former student in Austin a year ago. I met a girl in Australia who knew a girl from the Mercy Ships operations base. My mother met several people who knew the man who caused all the trouble for us in Austin. The fear of not seeing that significant other causes us to prolong our goodbyes and farewells.

We’re all in a cosmic sing-a-long. ‘Til the day is done. ‘Til the world is gone.

I too miss people much too frequently. It is the cause of me clinging to the internet and social networking sites in hopes that if I stay online just a few minutes longer, someone I love and miss will email me, saying they love and miss me too. Is this all a lack of love? Is it because we fear that we are forgotten? That we will be forgotten?

A good percentage of my friendships have been transitory, due to my moving every few years or so. You write lines of “Hey! I miss you! What did you do yesterday?” or “I unpacked today, I’m so tired!” or “I wish we were walking around the park again, talking aimlessly.” A few weeks later, the lines turn to “I hope you’re well,” or “I hope your day was great!” or “Email me when you get this,” all hoping that they will be read and answered. A month or two later, the lines morph into “I can’t believe we haven’t talked in so long!” or “Man, when was the last time we even said anything to each other?” or “Do you remember _________?”

Saying goodbye is hoping the degeneration of conversation will never occur. Saying goodbye is hoping for another day you can laugh about stupid things that would make your mother cringe. Saying goodbye is hoping that your heart will never break.

So, here’s to you.



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