Say, What’s in This Drink?

I don’t know if I’m irrationally being afraid, but these North Korea provocations have me a bit worried. The United States and South Korea are having drills on the Yellow Sea this week. I know North Korea can’t really do anything while a bit of Uncle Sam’s here, but it does not seem like it will bring entirely peaceful results.

I worry for my little student.

Christmas music has been playing a lot more than usual around my flat. It’s still November, but I have my reasons for wanting time to pass a little faster.

I believe this week marks the beginning of the steady decline in temperature. It finally dipped below freezing last night, and there will be plenty of precipitation this week. I’m not certain of my readiness, but I think I can handle it. Lots of tea, lots of layers, happy thoughts.

I’ve been watching quite a few movies lately and enjoying it. It’s been making me a bit lazy in my reading, writing, and generally more productive hobbies, but it’s been a delight. Film is an amalgamation of every corner of the arts. Spectacular.


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