While Riding on a Train Goin’ West

Busyness has the ring of my alarm these past several mornings. I fall asleep in a state of nervousness, fretting that I will awake at a time inconvenient to my already full schedule.

For an unknown reason, I’d never watched No Direction Home until a few days prior. I’ve only finished Part One, and ever since, Bob Dylan has been ruling my earphones mercilessly. I’ve listened to all of The Witmark Demos, and listened to Freewheelin’, Bringing It All Back Home, Another Side twice, Highway 61, and random songs sprinkled everywhere. This is my caveat: Do not — and again I say, do not watch No Direction Home unless you are prepared for a continuous surge of the need to listen to that tweeting harmonica and that murmurin’, nasal voice.

I can now pull a shot from an espresso machine and steam milk. I believe this is a very consequential and serviceable skill.

My week is quite officially packed. I believe I have an appointment every single day of the week. Also, I’m hopping a train down to Busan to visit friends and play some music. All those things are simply tonic.

David Sedaris is a marvelous cleanser between heavy tomes.


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